Conversational Capacity Collaborative with Coaching
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Conversational Capacity Collaborative with Coaching

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Conversational Capacity teaches people how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise so they can make informed decisions and find the best solutions, even under high pressure. The workshop will help you turn difficult exchanges into learning opportunities and unfocused meetings into innovation incubators.

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Conversational Capacity Collaborative Online Course April 11-May 13, 2022

Join us for this 5-week, collaborative online course to gain more influence and help your good ideas get the traction they deserve. Want to help your teams make smarter decisions and manage things like change in a more effective way?

Conversational Capacity® course teaches the awareness, mindset, and skillset you need to have constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise. With the right tools, you can dramatically improve how you communicate, how you influence, and how you collaborate with, manage, and lead your team.

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Conversational Capacity Coaching

One-to-One Coaching • Participants are paired with a Blanchard coach for added post-course support to apply their new learning in the workplace, reinforce skills, and provide the support, direction, and accountability participants need to get real results. Participants will benefit from the same coaching and guidance that Blanchard has been delivering to leaders all over the globe! • Each coaching add-on includes four hours of coaching plus unlimited text/email reinforcement communications between participants and their coach. The coaching add-on must occur within a 60-day time frame immediately following the final facilitated session of the collaborative course.
Conversational Capacity is the ability of an individual or a team to engage in open, balanced, nondefensive dialogue about difficult subjects and in challenging circumstances. It is also the sweet spot where innovation happens.

Conversational Capacity teaches learners the following:

• Awareness: Learners recognize when fight-or-flight reactions prevent real listening and create discomfort in others. This allows for a more intentional response to challenging conversations.

• Mindset: Exploring diverse perspectives and listening to contrasting views are emphasized, because that is where the greatest opportunities for insights and growth are.

• Skillset: Four behaviors are essential to Conversational Capacity: two that build genuine candor and two that build curiosity. Balancing candor and curiosity creates the conversational sweet spot.

This course runs April 11 - May 13, 2022 – Includes virtual sessions on Wednesdays at either 8:00 a.m. or 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

• Inspire Session 1: April 13

• Inspire Session 2: April 20

• Inspire Session 3: April 27

• Inspire Session 4: May 4

• Inspire Session 5: May 11