Self Leadership Collaborative Online February 14-March 25, 2022

Self Leadership Collaborative Online February 14-March 25, 2022

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Join us for this 6-week, online collaborative course to develop a self-starting mindset so you can take the reins, achieve your goals, and accelerate your development. You will learn the skillset to become an empowered self leader who is accountable, innovative, and productive.

Self Leadership course teaches you to become a proactive self-starter who knows how to ask for direction and support, solicit feedback, and sell your solutions. Being an empowered self leader is the key to a successful and gratifying career and delivers innate self-awareness that couldn’t be more important in today’s world.

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Focus on Well-Being – Self leaders feel more positive about themselves and their jobs and have greater energy and less stress.

Increased Motivation – When self leaders proactively seek feedback, ask for input, get direction and support, and affect change, they also satisfy their psychological need for autonomy, relatedness, and competence.

Accelerated Development – Self leaders take control of their own development—they ask for the direction and support they need so they are able to move up the learning curve to mastery more quickly.

Higher Performance – Empowered self leaders are more engaged and committed, consistently work hard, and increase their performance level.

Personal Accountability – Self leaders don't feel held accountable by others; they hold themselves accountable for achieving their goals.

Unleashed Innovation – Empowered self leaders know how to overcome challenges and constraints that limit their ability to solve problems, address challenges, and develop innovative solutions.


"I appreciate the structure provided to diagnose, match, and have conversations in which individuals explain/ask for how *their* needs can be met—this is very impactful and I’m keen to put it into practice!" – Course Participant


"The entire Self Leadership program is an “aha” moment for me. I wanted everyone on my team to go through the program; it will not only let us be more focused on completing the task at hand, but it can also make our work relationship better. Very nice program!” – Course Participant


"The Blanchard format One on Ones was new to me. I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to set the agenda, collaborate on goals and address concerns that are currently challenging me.” – Course Participant

Week 1: The experience begins. You will meet your peers and support team, get introduced to the mindset and skillset of a self leader, complete a Self Leader Questionnaire to understand your own perceptions, and start challenging your own assumed constraints.

Week 2:
Focus on setting clear and compelling goals. Learn how to craft smart, motivating, attainable, relevant, and trackable goals; and how to reframe and clarify poor goal statements.

Week 3:
Discover how to diagnose your own development level on a goal or task. Dive into development levels and get access to the SLII® mobile app to help you diagnose on the fly.

Week 4: Learn matching: getting the leadership style YOU need. Explore the second critical mindset: being proactive, what it looks like in practice, and why it's important.

Week 5:
Learn how to identify and activate your points of power. Use the One on One Worksheet to plan for a One on One Conversation with your manager.

Week 6: Share the results from your One on One conversation with your manager and create an action plan for committing to the mindset and skillset of a self leader.

The approximate time required to complete this self-paced online program is 12 hours, or 2 hours per week. Each week you will spend 1 hour completing coursework and activities, and 1 hour attending a live virtual event led by Blanchard’s leadership experts. The virtual events are scheduled at two global-friendly time slots, so one is sure to fit your schedule. With the add on of 1 month of Leadership Coaching, you will have an additional 2 hours of phone or virtual time with an expert Blanchard leadership coach, scheduled between you and your coach, and unlimited confidential communications.

After week 6, you can continue your journey by adding on 1 month of Leadership Coaching (2 hours of phone or virtual time with our expert coaches and unlimited confidential communications) to further reinforce your learnings, define your goals, get expert feedback, and refine your detailed accountability plan.